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About North Leupp Family Farms, Inc.

The North Leupp Family Farm (NLFF) is a community-based, farm located near the Little Colorado River in the small  tribal community of Leupp, Arizona in the southwest portion of the Navajo Nation.

Established in early 1980s, NLFF is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization operated by up to thirty local families supporting sustainable agriculture. The farm provides the surrounding communities with locally-grown produce that has been cultivated using tried-and-true dry farming techniques with a modern approach. The farm currently cultivates up to 10 acres each season irrigated utilizing a solar powered water pumping system.

To counteract trends of obesity and diabetes, in Native American communities NLFF’s mission is to promote healthy, cultural Dine values through the harvesting of traditional knowledge and teachings. Programs sponsored by the farm encourage traditional methods of farming to present solutions to ensure food security, good health, and preservation of cultural knowledge and activities.

The farm is 100 acres located along the Little Colorado River, families take plots to plant corn, squash, and melons and are assisted with irrigating and learning techniques to improve harvest.


The North Leupp Family Farm is a socially driven non-profit organization launching an entrepreneurial venture utilizing 50 acres of land to grow blue corn. In 2014, the farm was awarded a USDA Value Added Producer grant to fund a feasibility study and development of a business plan for producing blue cornmeal, a value added traditional crop used in Navajo ceremonies.

“We hope to become a blue corn milling facility that will employ local community members, boost economic development and provide access to traditional food for local Navajo families.” – Stacey Jensen

Blue corn is a nutritious staple in the Navajo diet. It is used in ceremonies, such as the traditional Navajo wedding. When two people are to be linked in life, the blue corn is mixed with cedar ash and hot water to create a mush. This blue corn mush is then put in a wedding basket, blessed, and consumed by the bride and groom.

The plans include building a solar-powered, portable cold-storage unit to reduce food waste and add value to harvested products as well as establish a mobile market to transport goods to surrounding markets.


North Leupp Family Farms is delighted and greatly honored to have partners with so many willing hands. It’s a privilege to work with such committed individuals and organizations that share the same vision to elevate our farm’s produce for the world to share.

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